Do I really need any books at all?

Nope. How's that for honesty? Plenty of successful musicians never studied much of anything at all. Some, on the other hand, have. The choice is yours, of course, whether to use one of my methods, some other method, or none at all. All I would say here is that it just makes more sense to avail yourself of the best tools at your disposal, to help you improve the fastest. I mean, why waste any time? Read some of those testimonials ("What other guitarists have to say") if you're in doubt.Those all came from unsolicited letters real people have written me over the years to let me know how my books have affected them... I just pulled out a big pile and entered the comments one after another. So I know this stuff works and it'll work for you too.

I remember once many years ago when I took a few private lessons with this fusion player. I think he felt kind of guilty, like he wasnít able to show me enough to justify what I was paying him, since I already knew a fair amount and had pretty good technique and speed. But I didnít see it like that. To me, just one important insight or approach was more than worth the price of the lesson. It would be something I could latch onto and use for the rest of my life! It might affect everything else that followed! What a deal! I was grateful that someone "up there" where I wanted to go would even sit down and bother to show me some of the wisdom he had acquired. I had spent so many hours learning things by ear with no help whatsoever, so I really came to appreciate someone handing it over to me on a big, fat platter. All I had to do was reach out and take it: after, of course, I came up with a little cash...

Bottom Line:

Do whatever you think is best. But let me tell you, Iíd sure have loved to get my hands on a real metal guitar method way back when. It was Mel Bay and Alfredís book 1, rockiní with tunz like "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and "Buffalo Gals." Accurate transcriptions of rock songs were just a dream. In fact, my first Kiss folio was arranged for piano, with these little chord charts over each measure. No tablature. Imagine it: Kiss tuned down 1/2 step combined with a transcriber who never even got close to a guitar, let alone heard of a power chord. So Iíve got this book full of wrong keys and wrong chords--stupid Eb, Ab, and Db majors that Paul Stanley and Ace Frehley never played in their lives.Yeah, it was tough. We had it bad. And we walked 5 miles to school every day. And we lived in a one-room shack. And our fathers fed us lumps of dry poison every night and dance about on our graves singing "Halleluyah!" (Monty Python of course.) But lemme tell ya, it really is a whole lot easier dished out in my books!

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