Which works better for learning: a book/CD or a video?

The book/CD format offers a lot more information, simply because of its format. In addition to being far more "information-dense," the book/CD format is also generally somewhat more organized, being written down and all. So is it better?

Well, a video offers an opportunity to actually see the techniques and music demonstrated right in front of you. Thatís something a book just canít do, no matter how good it is. And some people have more difficulty learning things out of books as opposed to watching them demonstrated in person. So it's not an issue of better or worse, it's just a different thing.

So each format has is own strengths. If you could only afford one item, Iíd say get a book/CD because it will give you the most information for your money. But if you can get a video to use in conjunction with the book, now youíre talkin'! That, of course, would be best.

But okay... what if, say, you started with the book/CD pack Metal Rhythm Guitar Volume 1 and then where trying to decide, "should I get the Beginning Rock Rhythm Guitar video, or should I get Metal Lead Guitar Volume 1?" Ah, yes, that is just the kind of dilemma everyone should have....

Bottom Line:

If you can only get one thing, get a book/CD. Then a video. Or another book... After all, two books are better than one. For that matter, three books are better than two! Hell, buy 'em all! Just donít get so scattered that you lose track and forget to finish each one. (Now for all you cynics who just saw this as a thinly-veiled attempt on my part to sell more books -- I am terribly offended! Itís not that at all. For that, I strongly recommend that everyone buy at least three copies of each and every book and video... You know, just in case you lose the other two.)

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