How can I best use your book/CD methods in my practice routine?

The core method books of my series already incorporate a fair amount of variety and balance -- two of my main themes. I believe the best and most efficient learning happens when you strike a good balance between theory and practical application, so I made sure there was quite a bit of music in the Metal Rhythm Guitar and Metal Lead Guitar methods. But I'd still suggest you learn more music from outside the books as you work through them. Remember, itís all about music and inspiration, and you can't underestimate that. You should be learning everything that really turns you on. Variety is good -- just don't get so scattered that you forget to come back and finish the books!

Exactly how you should incorporate these books into your practice depends more than anything upon your level, so Iíll briefly outline how I see it, for three different groups: beginners, intermediates, and advanced players.

More important than anything else though, just keep an eye on yourself as you practice, noting what bores you and what you really get into. Common sense, really. And practice primarily what you are drawn to. This is always (say it with me now) the final, paramount, ultimate, crowning rule, that shall not be broken, forsaken, abandoned, renounced, or otherwise help me God! What do I mean by that? Well, for example, Iím telling you to go through the lead and rhythm guitar methods together. Thatís the general guideline. But letís say youíre just foaming at the mouth to learn lead guitar, and couldnít care less about rhythm right now. Then go for it! Inspiration takes precedence. Itís not like anyone will be calling the guitar police on you or anything.

For more specific advice about developing a practice routine, check out the posted info on that subject under the "Tips & Advice" menu tab.

Bottom Line:

Use a few books together with a lot of songs and anything else that interests you. The idea is that you should have as many interesting things to practice as you possibly can. Remember, class, we always follow our own sick preferences. Thatís why weíre musicians, right?

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