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"Troy... the CD sounds great! I tell ya, you're a guitar madman. Your new stuff is a step up, I didn't think you could get much better."
    -- Mark Tremonti, guitarist of Creed



By Gabriel Carregal
Symphonies of Witchery CD review website

Troy Stetina is a heavy virtuoso guitar player that comes out to join Steve Vai and Joe Satriani in the guitar world. The tracks of this album variate, being some rock, some pop, some fusion, etc. It's really fun this album, and Troy is a hell of a guitar player. Troy has got many good reviews in the world, and it isn't very different here in SoW. But this is kind of obvious. You'd be stunned in how this guy plays his guitar. Ok, the cover aint so much of a big deal, but the cd is great. "Freakshow" is awesome. It's a blow-your-speakers-while-combing-your-hair rock. Very pleasureable. He also did an amazing work in the track "My Funk". It's a nice progressive rock song, with the coolest intro you'll ever find out there. Another track deserved to be mentioned is "Exottica". It's a nice fusion of metal and hip-hop. The shred metal of the sixth track, "One Good Kick", is amazing and will make you put the track on repeat for an extended time. The last track that I'll mention before going back to listening to this cd is "Sunrise". It's superb! The work done on this album is certainly one of the best I have seen in a long time. The production is great. Hurray Troy Stetina!


GUITAR 2001 magazine, Issue #9 (winter 2000-2001):

Troy Stetina - "Exottica"

This CD is jam packed with hard rockin' grooves, solid rock riffs and some exceptional guitar playing from Troy Stetina. Strong song construction lays down some modern funky rhythms plunging head-long into some down-right groove inspired 70's style riffs along the lines of Mountain, early Zeppelin and Montrose (like the album with 'Bad Motor Scooter' and 'Rock Candy Baby'). The tie that binds these styles together is Troy's flair for melody. His slower escalating melodies are catchy and memorable, produced with great guitar tone and slow vibrato. There's some ripping solos on thisCD too, within the context of good song composition (in this way, much like Satriani). I'd rank this high on the list of good instrumental albums for the year and would recommend it. I'll give it 8 out of 10 groovin' guitars. TC


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