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"Firewalker"  hi-fi mp3  lo-fi mp3
"Mambo This!"  hi-fi mp3  lo-fi mp3
"Sunrise"  hi-fi mp3  lo-fi mp3
"My Funk"  hi-fi mp3  lo-fi mp3

"Flawless technique meets modern rock attitude" on Troy Stetina's hard-rocking instrumental guitar release, Exottica. Troy reaches deep into the treasure chest of progressive, modern rock, alternative, and shred to pull out his blazing, metal-plated electric guitar style. Ranging freely across stylistic boundaries from hard-driving rock 'n' roll and experimental hip-hop/metal fusion, to knock-your-teeth-out shred and cutting-edge progressive rock, industrial-tinged metal, and shredded power pop, Exottica is a far-reaching amalgam. Yet throughout, the style remains solidly Troy's own.

Exottica is high-energy, emotional music, with intense control, wild articulation, edge-of-your-seat speed, purposeful melody and compositional sophistication. Drums: Brian Reidinger. Guitars and Bass: Troy Stetina. EXOTTICA (41:03) on ModRock Records.

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