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I've been asked many times for tabs of the rhythm guitar tracks for the solos found in Metal Lead Guitar Vol 1 & 2. Well, here they are, finally! All are in pdf (Adobe Acrobat Reader) format.

Rhythm guitar for Solo 1 Open Fire
Rhythm guitar for Solo 2 To the Stage
Rhythm guitar for Solo 3 From the Heart
Rhythm guitar for Solo 4 The Heavy Side
Rhythm guitar for Solo 5 Montezuma's Revenge
Rhythm guitar for Solo 6 Into the Spotlight
Rhythm guitar for Solo 7 Mystic Places
Rhythm guitar for Solo 8 Drastic Measures
Rhythm guitar for Solo 9 New Lands
Rhythm guitar for Solo 10 Lightning's Edge
Rhythm guitar for Solo 11 Battle to Victory

The following free lessons were originally published in GuitarOne magazine, unless otherwise noted. (For Advanced Masterclass Online lessons, click on the 'Masterclass' tab menu.)

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The Shape of Things to Come fretboard shapes and intervals
The Player's Edge technique development
Rush's Greatest Riffs (Guitar World magazine)
Melodic Incineration dissonance (Guitar School magazine)

Guitar Tabs: (This listing accesses the individual riff/lick examples found within the articles. All are riffs unless specified as 'solo' or 'lead'. )
Alice In Chains - "Man In The Box"
Black Sabbath - "Symptom of the Universe"
Deep Purple - "Smoke on the Water"
Foo Fighters - "I'll Stick Around"
Hendrix - "Purple Haze"
Hendrix - "Fire"
Led Zeppelin - "Immigrant Song"
Metallica - "Enter Sandman"
Metallica - "One" (intro)
Metallica - "One" (heavy riff)
Nirvana - "Come as You Are"
Offspring - "Self-Esteem"
Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Suck My Kiss"
Rush - "Working Man"
Rush - "Overture"
Rush - "Temples of Syrinx"
Rush - "Fly By Night"
Rush - "Closer to the Heart"
Rush - "Tom Sawyer"
Rush - "Freewill"
Rush - "Freewill" (solo)
Rush - "YYZ"
Satriani - "Crushing Day"
Satriani - "Flying In a Blue Dream" (solo)
Scorpions - "The Zoo"
Stetina - "All Things Repulsive"
Stetina - "Bug Guts"
Van Halen - "Feel Your Love Tonight"
Stevie Ray Vaughan - "Pride and Joy" (lead, intro)
Pantera - "Shattered" (solo ending flurry)
Pantera - "Cowboys From Hell" (solo start)

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